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New York’s premier decorators for over a decade introduce year round lighting! Trusted by area residents, Hollywood celebs, local business owners, and fortune 100 companies with their decorating needs, along with select brides and grooms.

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customizable to you

Choose warm white architectural lighting, pink for girls nights, creepy color patterns for Halloween, red white and blue patriotic lighting for fourth of July decorating, Christmas lights during the season,  or pick your favorite team to support during game night. The possibilities and ideas are endless with the tap on your smartphone!

Increased curb appeal

Permanent soffit lighting solutions are a great home improvement project. These lights are an investment into your home that help increase property value. Don’t settle for an inferior DIY product for your house, Gemstone lighting is the premier outdoor lighting solution on the market. Having Light Your World install Gemstone lighting for you will have you happy and keep your family and friends entertained for years to come.

Virtually Invisible in the day

Soffit Lights are installed on your home with a custom colored aluminum track to match your soffit, making the entire system blend in perfectly with your home. 

SMart lighting at your finger tips

The Gemstone Lights app is available on iOS and Android devices. These soffit lights are fully controlled by your smart device. You can change single bulbs, the entire system, create motion effects, and set multiple timers. This lighting system is smart home compatible with Alexa and Google Home systems with over 16 million colors possible in each light.

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diamond warranty

Gemstone lights are covered by a 5 year product warranty! This warranty covers all of the lights themselves in your permanent lighting system. You’ re safe with our industry leading worry free guarantee.

low voltage weather proof lighting

Each light is weather proof and individually connected unlike your standard strands of lights. These lights are rated for 50,000 hours but if anything does go wrong individually connected lights makes maintenance a breeze.

Color changing outdoor lights installed in the soffits of a home

One House. Endless Looks.

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green and white lights for football
permanent lighting best in the country
permanent security lights

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Increase Your Homes Value

With the addition of permanent soffit lighting your house will look bigger and stand out from other homes in the area, helping you sell your home more quickly and adding to the overall perceived value of the home. Exterior pot lights are becoming a standard feature in most new homes so people automatically assume a house is newer that has outdoor color-changing lights.

Study after study has shown that the majority of homeowners prefer a house with a customized well-designed outdoor lighting system. Studies have shown over the years that this type of lighting can increase your property value by up to 20 percent.

Additionally, the National Association of Home Builders conducted a survey and found that outside lighting is one of the most desirable exterior features of a house with 90% of those surveyed, and 40% of those surveyed listed exterior lighting as essential.

You can also add custom deck lighting with our same system to really complete your backyard oasis projects.

color changing lights outside installed as soffit lighting

Increase Home Security.

Exterior soffit lighting does much more than enhance your home’s look, feel, and aesthetics, it also has the benefit of increasing the security of your home.

Homes with well-lit exteriors can help to deter would-be thieves. With lights outside it makes it more difficult for criminals to approach undetected by you, your neighbors, and your security system, and typically these criminals are looking for the easiest targets. Many insurance companies offer discounts for safety upgrades to your home, so it is worth a call to your insurance broker.

Additionally, Gemstone Lights reduce the number of bugs and insects getting into your home as an additional layer of comfort and security. Historically lights located right outside your entry doors attract bugs near your door, which allows for a fast entry every time you open and close your door. With additionally lighting above the entry points bugs will not be as likely to continually hover around your entryways.

The Future of Exterior Color Changing Smart Lighting Is Here!

Easy, simple to use full color wheel for your lights!

app screen shot of color changing lights with a full color wheel

Set the color for each individual bulb when desired!

individuallu addressable lights for your home

Pre Built animations, patterns, and sport team colors for ease of use!

screen shot of pre set patterns and colors for color changing lights outside

Set multiple timers with ease for your color changing eave lights.

Easy to set timers for your lights outside
“Matt, Mike and the crew do a fantastic job decorating our house.They always let you know when they are arriving and are on time.They store the lights for you so you don’t to worry about tangling them up or breaking them.We highly recommend “The Christmas guys” for your holiday season.”
Jess Supersitz

“They don’t just decorate; they give you the Christmas wonderland experience. Professional design meets home grown charm. The Christmas Guys handle everything from start to finish with a smile on their faces and they even have hot cocoa and candy canes for the kids (and one adult but who’s counting)…what?! Add them to your Christmas list. It’s worth every penny.”
Nicholas Samson

“The Christmas Guys truly are the best! They come with their positive attitudes, Christmas music and the professionalism to complete any job! They are also very reliable and arrive exactly on their scheduled time. Let the Christmas Guys make your occasion more enjoyable!”
Andrea Annese-Como

“The Christmas guys embody the spirit of the Holidays- and their decorations are wonderful!! From Christmas music to smiles, they add to the joy of the Season. Plus – they are always ready to fix any issues that might arise – day or night.”
Karen Hitchcock

A Decorating Company You Can Trust

Our professional decorating and commercial decor have been trusted in the industry for over a decade and giving back to our community. We are proud to have clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies, Professional Sports Stadiums, Hollywood Celebrities, Commercial Holiday Attractions, Financial Institutions, Shopping and Lifestyle Centers, and more.

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We carry general liability insurance and commercial auto insurance. All insurance documents provided by request after the final proposal as well as adding your location as an additional insured.
certified amp pro

workers comp

We carry workers’ compensation and all decorators receive a W2 at the end of the year.
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founded in 2009

Decorating for over a decade. We are incorporated in the State of New York and provide W9’s to all clients by request.
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Let us transform your exterior lighting. With soffit lights professionally installed by Light Your World you will be able to change to color and look of your home with the tap of a button, or even with your voice with your Alexa or Google Home network.

Other Decorating Service from Light Your World

Wedding and Event Decorating

Professional decorating for your wedding or event can help transport your guests to a different world in their minds. Make sure your event and wedding is talked about for years to come. With lights, uplighting, patio lighting, and more.

Marquee Letter Rentals

Wow every single guest, client, and/or customer with 5 foot tall marquee letters, numbers, and symbols. With numerous led lighting colors to choose from to help set the mood for your event.

Floral and Tree Rentals

From artificial flower wall rentals, special live one time use flower walls, in various color combinations to suite your color scheme as well as artificial tree rentals from flowering to bare branches wrapped in lights.

LED Motifs

LED Motifs are not only for Christmas. These can help draw attention to your business, provide an over the top atmosphere for your party or wedding. With our in house welding and design team the ideas are only limited by your imagination.

Flower walls available in numerous sizes and colors which make for amazing photo opportunities for your guests and/or customers.

Holiday Decorating

Light Your World decorates and installs your lights and decorations for your decorating project. We supply the lights, wreaths, bows, and holiday decor and then get to installing them at your house.  This is when your property is transformed into your own magical Winter wonderland.